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Kanye you cheeky bastard! Has it already been ten years? A solid decade has slipped by and escaped us all like a thief in the night. Stealth in the shadows of our memories. While we were fixated on your love life and public declarations of genius, time crept through the window of the…

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Martin Luther King, Jr. question and answer session following opening remarks -
On February 6, 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave the opening address of this 15-part series of lectures on the “American Race Crisis” at The New School. While the recording of his opening remarks has not been located, the second part of the session, in which Dr. King responded to audience and moderator questions, is presented here.

American Race Crisis Lecture Series from 1964
This series on the “race crisis” in the United States addressed topics ranging from the impact of school integration, to housing discrimination, affirmative action, the growing Black separatist movement, and the motivations for racial prejudice. A slate of civil rights activists, leaders and experts participated in the series.

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Thanks to Gabriela Cowperthwaites inspiring determination, feisty attitude and passion for animals in captivity, the documentary Blackfish was born. It tells the morbid tale of Orca’s in captivity in marine parks such as Seaworld.

Seaworld tells their visitors that they adopt injured Orcas and that they rehabilitate them. That Orcas only live until 25 on average. That the dorsal fin on Oracs are on average completely bent over rather than straight. They do not tell you that the Orcas at Seaworld are stored in tanks only big enough to hold them, so they cannot move around the tank, they are isolated in one movement for 18 hours of the day for 25 years of there life in Seaworld - if they even make it to that age. 

Orca’s in the wild can live up to 70 years of age. They are born into family pods who stay together and travel hundreds of miles a day together. Compare this to an Orca held captive in Seaworld. An Orca in the wild can hunt for himself. An Orca in Seaworld is fed fish when they perform a trick, if they do not however, then they are punished by starvation. 

Tilikum was stored in a tank with two other Orcas that viciously attacked, raked, bit at and bullied him. He was also involved in the death of two trainers at Seaworld, one known to many Dawn Brancheau. Brancheau was one of the lead trainers at seaworld. She went into Tilikums tank after a performance without a spotter. (A spotter would look out for the trainer and alert others for help if it was needed.) Tilikum dragged Brancheau under the water for many hours thrashing her about. Her autopsy report, shown in the link below, lists the unimaginably horrific injuries she incurred. The incident was captured by an onlooking visitor at Seaworld and can also be found in the Blackfish documentary. 

http://www.autopsyfiles.org/reports/Other/brancheau,%20dawn_report.pdf )  

However, even after this tragedy occurred, Seaworld continued to put the lives of the Seaworld trainers at risk by continuing to use Tilikum in the shows. 

Many of the trainers did not realize that Seaworld were feeding them lies about the facts of Orcas.  Orca’s in Seaworld are stolen from their family pods in the wild. Usually the youngest are taken, leaving the rest of the family pod in mourning for their entire lives. John Crowe was working for Seaworld when he was in his twenties poaching Orcas. He told his account of poaching baby Orcas and said it was the saddest thing he has ever witnessed. That it was far worse than any war he fought in. He described the cries of the elder orcas as their children were being taken away and it was then that he realized these animals are just as aware, intelligent and loving as us. (His full interview can be seen in the film.)

As they age in Seaworld, they are forced to mate with each other causing inbreeding and many deaths. The owner of Seaworld rakes in millions per year by doing this and ironically the swimming pool at his house is larger than any of the storage tanks in place at Seaworld, oh and also, it’s right beside the ocean. A man who snuck into one of the Orcas tanks late at night was drowned by the Orca. Seaworld told the press that the man fell in and drowned. Another pack of lies along with the rest they have been feeding the world. 

Many artists have pulled out of performing at Seaworld after watching this documentary and seeing the effects that high pitched sounds have had on animals. The Seaworld airline is under pressure to remove the black and white design of their plane representing Orcas. 

Many years from now people will look back at these times and wonder how we lived in a world where we held some of the most intelligent, kindest, happiest and free-spirited animals in captivity and treated them so inhumanely. Thank God for the activists that are brave enough to go against the grain and expose these monsters.

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